Personalized Progressive Lenses Available

Optometrists and Eye Care Professionals can now offer the most technologically advanced eyeglass lenses on the market, enabling the full personalization of progressive eyeglass lenses. Tumwater Eye Center and VUE Olympia, recently completed the Shamir Freeform® Certification process allowing the offices to offer customers Shamir Freeform® Family eyecare of products.

“We are very proud to be able to offer our advanced lenses to the public. The professionals at Tumwater Eye Center and VUE Olympia have gone through an extensive training program to fully understand the technology behind the lenses and be able to educate the wearer. Shamir is excited to add Tumwater Eye Center and VUE Olympia to the list of Shamir Freeform® Certified practices around the country,” said Matt Lyle, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Shamir Insight, Inc.

VUE Olympia Now Offers Shamir Lenses

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