Convergence insufficiency may be diagnosed as something more sinister

Normally when you look at a something close up, your eyes move together to focus on it, and refocus futher out when you view an object far away. Unfortunately, there are some people who experience a disorder known as convergence insufficiency where this doesn’t happen correctly.

Sufferers of convergence insufficiency may show signs and symptoms such as double or blurred vision, floating words while reading, eyestrain, or closing one eye while focusing on something. A person with convergence insufficiency may have excellent vision even though they are experiencing these symptoms.

Usually diagnosed at a young age, it can cause reading to become difficult, and can sometimes even appear to be a learning disability instead. Young people may be wrongly diagnosed for disorders like A.D.H.D. and depression, and put on unnecessary medication.

It’s important to know that symptoms are not always present for everyone, and not everyone who has symptoms such as these suffers from convergence insufficiency. If you feel you or a family member may be experiencing symptoms or if you witness your child having difficultly reading or focusing on objects, consulting with Olympia eye care professional Dr. Douglas Jeske is an excellent next step.

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